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Nearly half of your female employees are suffering in silence.
Calculate the burden in your workforce.

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% female

Employees suffering
in silence

Virtual Gynecology Clinic

Our evidence-based, comprehensive virtual care programs are proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Support Women.
Save Money.


clinical outcome improvement

4:1 ROI

By reducing
medical spend

Proven outcomes at scales

Users report improved mental health, reduced absenteeism, improved experience, and improved access to care.

Now,  more than ever, women need Visana Health

and Retain

A marketable, female-forward benefit to help attract and retain top talent


Achieve a positive ROI by reducing medical spend on ineffective surgeries


Help employees be more productive at work and in their daily lives



“I want to learn as much as I can about how my diet, exercise, and other activities might help hormonal symptoms. I'm looking for strategies to realistically implement changes in my life. I like the role Visana plays in my life - a resource, accountability, motivator, and listener. I take care of so many people in my orbit, and it’s important for me to have people who will orient me towards MY wellbeing.”


“Thank you for understanding. I feel such a sense of relief to be talking to someone who understands.”



“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the heavy painful periods I've experienced over the course of my life are not normal and I shouldn’t have to settle for doctors shrugging their shoulders at me. Working with Visana has helped me to feel more confident when I approach my physician this year.”



"The habits I'm trying to create are making such a huge difference... I’m learning tons that I never knew about my condition and trying my best to adopt these different approaches/practices to my daily life in regards to nutrition and movement."


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