Visana Health at Willis Towers Watson Transform 2021

Visana will be joining a host of companies to participate in Transform 2021: Solving for new health and benefits imperatives, a vendor symposium hosted by Willis Towers Watson. Other health companies joining the event include Kindbody, Lyra, Mayo Clinic, and more.

Willis Towers Watson is one of the leaders in global advisory, broking, and solutions, serving over 140 countries and markets. Their event Transform 2021 aims to help employers modify their current health and benefits program to increase its value while also creating better experiences for employees. 

Improving health experiences for companies and employees is exactly what Visana aims to do because we know that women’s health conditions affect more than 200 million women worldwide—and women are not getting the care they need.

Visana empowers women with underserved women’s health conditions to access best practice care through personalized digital content, health coaching, and navigation to quality providers. We target women’s health conditions that drive up to 5% of plan spend and help women avoid invasive surgeries like hysterectomies—which also delivers self-insured employers up to a 4:1 ROI. 

When companies partner with Visana, they attract and retain top female talent by showing a commitment to all women’s health conditions. We help companies improve the benefits they offer while also improving employee experiences. Visana members report improved mental health, fewer work absences, and increased productivity at work. 

Visana is excited to provide employers with new women’s health options for their employees at Transform 2021 so that all women can have access to personalized, best practice care that improves their lives.

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