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We’re on a mission to ensure the millions of women with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain don’t suffer like we did.

We’re uncovering the truth about menstrual pain

Severe menstrual pain, including diseases like endometriosis, affects more than 15 million women in the US alone.

Hidden under the guise of “it’s all in your head” and “period pain is normal”, it takes on average 10 years to get diagnosed.

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40% of infertility is due to menstrual pain diseases.

Years to Diagnosis

It takes patients on average 10 years to get diagnosed.

Millions of Women

Severe menstrual pain like endometriosis affects 15 million women in the US alone

Premature Births

Endometriosis results in a 63% increased risk in premature births.

Improper surgical technique

4 out of 10 patients will have at least three surgeries due to improper surgical technique.

We’ve done our homework so you can stop endlessly Googling.

Visana’s program includes only clinically validated information, assembled by experts. Learn fact from fiction.

Over 200 Clinical
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I spent 10 years suffering while I tried to find a doctor who took me seriously. Visana allows me to find faster care and gives me a way to manage my disease.



I wish I had Visana Health when I was trying to get diagnosed. It took me forever to get a real diagnosis, and it was so lonely and isolating. This tool will help so many women!


Offering Visana would tell me an employer is sympathetic, willing to work with me, and also would allow me to be more productive. It's a win-win!



Giving you a complete care approach while saving you time and money

We know your pain because we’ve felt your pain. We’re tired of going from gynecologist to gynecologist, trying to find someone who listens.

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