Comprehensive, clinical care for all stages of life

Visana’s full-service virtual clinic provides end-to-end medical and whole-person care delivered by expert OBGYNs for the widest range for women’s health conditions.

End-to-end medical care for every woman.

Unprecedented levels of care coordination

In addition to our virtual services, we are fully integrated with existing brick and mortar networks. We help your members:

Find an in-person provider

Schedule an appointment

Ensure low-cost care

Send medical records

Order imaging

Our care model delivers unparalleled outcomes


Report improvement in mental health


Satisfaction with care


reduction in unnecessary surgeries


Reduction in ER visits*

Visana understands the diverse healthcare needs of women.

Dedicated Care Teams

Your employees develop trusted relationships with expert women's health providers, including OBGYNs, Nurse Practitioners, care coordinators, coaches, and more.

Dedicated Care Teams

Whole Person Care

Visana's care plans include integrated behavioral health support, pelvic floor exercises, nutrition support, education, 1:1 coaching, and more -- all in one place.

Whole Person Care

Connected to In-Person Care

We work to navigate patients to high value providers in your network. From ultrasounds to cervical cancer screenings, we connect women to the in-person care they need.

Connected to In-Person Care

Meet Our
Women’s Health Experts.

Dr. Barbara Levy


Chief Medical Officer

Barbara Levy, M.D., FACOG, FACS, is a lifelong advocate for advancing the quality of women’s health.   Dr. Levy was in private practice and served as a Medical Director for Women’s and Children’s Services for the Franciscan Health System. She was elected as the first female president of AAGL in 1994-1995. 

In 2012 Dr. Levy joined the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) as the first full-time woman physician leader. She built a quality, safety and informatics team dedicated to supporting improvement in health care for women. 

Her research interests span from outcomes research in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery to optimizing care for women with chronic pelvic pain.  Her clinical work focused on evidence-based, equitable, comprehensive care for women throughout their life course.

Dr. Levy graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. She obtained her medical degree from the University of California, San Diego, followed by an internship and residency at the Oregon Health Sciences University.  She currently holds clinical professorships in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and UCSD Health.

Dr. Chardonnay Vance


Family & Women's Health Physician

Dr. Chardonnay Vance is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician.  She started her career working as a lay midwife, then worked as a research scientist, and now a Primary Care Physician.  She began her medical practice in a small town and shifted into telemedicine over the last few years.  

When the opportunity to be a part of designing and building the next generation of primary care on a national scale through telehealth presented itself, she was excited to play a role in it.  Her mission is to always put the patient first and foremost in every encounter and honor the sacred doctor-patient relationship.  

In her time away from caring for patients and building better medical tools, she enjoys spending time with her family and neighbors, exploring the outdoors, and breeding a flock of chickens that is laying a rainbow of different-colored and delicious eggs.

Katrina Rollins


Nurse Practicioner

Katrina is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner dedicated to decreasing disparities in Women's Health. She received a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Midwifery/Women's Health from Emory University. Additionally, she studied public health to better understand the causes, as well as solutions for the frightening inequalities present in health care. Katrina is an advocate for providing education and respect to women so that they feel empowered to take charge of their health and make informed decisions.

As a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) warrior herself, she has a special interest in helping other women manage their symptoms with a holistic approach that creates true, sustainable results. She understands the value of cultural practices when making health decisions and has worked with women all over the world, including South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Haiti.

Obum Calais

Nurse Practitioner

Obum is a Nurse practitioner who champions women’s wellness and social determinants of health.  She received her Master’s degree with a specialty in Family Medicine from Angelo State University.

She enjoys using motivational interviewing to promote healthy habits and help facilitate the provider patient relationship.  She ascribes to the treatment of the whole patient and evidence-based women’s health care.  

With patient centered care, she is able to individualize a plan of care and adapt to social influences that impact health and care access.

Alex Maxson


Patient Care Coordinator

Alex has over a decade of experience as a medical assistant and infusion specialist focusing on patient care. Previously, she has worked at Northwest Urology, Northwest Rheumatology and Ahead.

Alex holds an AAMA from Concorde Career College and a BA from Linfield University.

Andrea Sleeth

Nurse Practitioner

Andrea is a Women's Health NP with over a decade of experience in women’s health. Her experience ranges from in office OB/GYN, bedside labor and delivery, teaching perinatal classes, with the last two years spent in telemedicine.  

Andrea obtained her graduate degree from Frontier Nursing University in Hyden, KY where midwifery was first established in the US. She is currently licensed in 26 states and loves the opportunity of improving access to care through telemedicine. Her mission is to empower and educate women and people in marginalized populations to improve outcomes and access to care.