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Your female employees are suffering in silence

Menstrual pain diseases are hiding in plain sight.

Diseases like endometriosis are an underrecognized contributor to other problems

Infertility & Maternity Issues


of infertility is due to menstrual pain conditions


increased risk of premature birth

Mental Health


of patients have clinical depression


of patients have clinical anxiety



of employees have surgery within 1 year of diagnosis


of patients have
>3 surgeries

Find out the burden of the hidden epidemic of menstrual pain in your workforce

# of employees
% female

Employees suffering
in silence


We’ll give your employees clinically-validated tools so they can take their life back. No more leaving work to go to physical therapy, no more physician appointments ending in crying in the car.


We’ve used best practices to drive behavior change: weekly lessons, personalized actions, and health coaching. Your employees will love interacting with us.

How we do it

We’re menstrual pain experts who have scoured all medical evidence to deliver clinically-validated methods to reduce menstrual pain to the fingertips of your employees.

Benefits of Offering Visana Health

Attract and Retain

A marketable, female-forward benefit to help attract and retain top talent

Save Money

Achieve a positive ROI by reducing medical spend on ineffective surgeries

Improve Productivity

Help employees be more productive at work and in their daily lives


I spent 10 years suffering while I tried to find a doctor who took me seriously. Visana allows me to find faster care and gives me a way to manage my disease.



I wish I had Visana Health when I was trying to get diagnosed. It took me forever to get a real diagnosis, and it was so lonely and isolating. This tool will help so many women!


Offering Visana would tell me an employer is sympathetic, willing to work with me, and also would allow me to be more productive. It's a win-win!



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