Visana Health Joins IMPACT to Put Patients First

Visana is proud to be a founding member of IMPACT, a Virtual First Medical Practice Collaboration that is committed to promoting patient-centric care. 

Created by the Digital Medicine Society (DME) and American Telemedicine Association (ATA), IMPACT aims to focus on virtual first solutions that go beyond traditional telehealth options to provide remote care.

Virtual health puts patients first, and that is exactly what Visana strives to do. Patients need flexibility, convenience, and health experiences that are tailored to their needs. Our digital program meets users wherever they are in their health journey to provide personalized resources and support from trained health coaches.

Personal, virtual first care can provide more options and access to resources for patients—especially women. Many women have to fight against the stigma of talking about women’s reproductive health. Even when they do bring up their health concerns, they are often told that symptoms are “all in your head,” and do not receive needed care. This can become a vicious cycle. Feeling mistrusted or unheard by medical professionals can lead to distress, which is often accompanied by pain. If a patient tries to talk about this distress, it can lead medical professionals to further associate their pain with psychological motivations instead of physical. [1]

Virtual health options like Visana can prioritize the needs of individual women and are ready to talk about reproductive health. By providing spaces for conversation and actively listening to patients’ needs, virtual health collaborators can provide options that meet patients where they are. 

Visana looks forward to working with IMPACT to give patients access to first-rate, virtual care that improves lives in a meaningful way. 

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[1] “Brave Men” and “Emotional Women”: A Theory-Guided Literature Review on Gender Bias in Health Care and Gendered Norms towards Patients with Chronic Pain, Samulowitz et. al, Pain Research & Management 2018

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